Cultural Sounds, Engagement, and Social Chronicles

  • Analyses using music and symbols to understand organizations and local communities.

The Social Chronicles Course incorporates sound, symbols, and digital historical timelines. The course places a strong emphasis on personal, community-centered experiences. Three student teams report important past and present experiences and events surrounding the birth, growth, and current state of a local organization.

Cultural Sounds: The music of this course has been primarily focused on lyrical analysis and the use of music to create atmosphere and mood within a setting. Both groups are working in sites that promote acceptance and support for individuals who are frequently rejected in society, Shepherd is focused on the homeless population and Georgia College on those who are intellectually disabled. The lyrics selected by the groups are focused on acceptance and persevering.

Symbols: In our discussions, we have used various symbols to describe our engagement sites and class environment. Some of these include the lotus (rebirth, renewal); darkness and light (finding acceptance and/or purpose); family; and acceptance.