Experience Maps


The Social Chronicles Experience Maps from Google fusion tables showcase the interconnectedness of history and culture in West Virginian and Georgian service projects. The student teams have captured cross-cultural service touch-points and meaningful organizational traditions over time and across space.


Life Enrichment Center Map
(Community Engagement and Fundraising)



The green plots on the “Life Enrichment Center Experience Map” connect expressions, art, and relationships in time and space. Creative expressions expose the community to new abilities. Musicians, participants, and community members come together to perform. Art is also used to experiment, learn, and develop the skills. The Black & White Gallery show displays art work and some pieces are sold to community members. The goal is to use black and white art and photography to bond participants and the community. It is also important to humanize and connect people with disabilities via positive and healthy interactions and relationships. Night to Shine is a prom for individuals with developmental disabilities. Participants build relationships and have an opportunity for fun without judgement. They can be and feel handsome or beautiful.

Immanuel’s House Experience Map

(Community Support/Engagement, Fundraising, and Worship)

The red plots on the “Immanuel’s House Experience Map” connect outreach, food and live music, and gifts in time and space.  Fundraisers, community building, and health and wellness are so valuable for the community. Race for a Place 5K/10K was specifically held in 2013 to raise funds to purchase 713 Buxton Street building for Immanuel’s House. Worship Service and Community Table is a weekly worship service that offers spiritual and physical care to the community. Local musicians and individuals also provide soups and desserts during Café Night at Immanuel’s House. It offers the community a welcoming place to receive gifts of soulful music and fellowship. Annual Eastern Regional Jail Christmas Gift Bags provide a bit of Christmas for inmates. Santa’s Workshop is a youth outreach program that allows children in the local community to buy donated items, cost ranging from 10 cents to a quarter. They gift the items to family members and have them gift wrapped.  The event also includes youth activities.

“Capturing interactions and uncovering new relationships.”