Symbolic Frame


A Symbolic Frame combines meaning and beliefs to create culture.  The following symbolic interpretations create unity and add meaning to the culture of the “Social Chronicles” course.



Love for and belief in the liberal arts education model and a social constructivist perspective attracted Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis to this project. Digital learning appeals to her because it allows for breadth of participation. For fifteen years prior to teaching college, Holmes-Davis was a K-12 teacher. Her primary field of research and experience currently involves the development of cognition and learning. She believes the Social Chronicles course has created meaningful social interactions and new learning situations for the students.


Social justice movements and innovative pedagogy attracted Dr. Chiquita Howard-Bostic to this project. Digital learning offers a unique opportunity to expose the community to ambitious students and forms of expression. For several years prior to her ten year tenure in academia, Howard-Bostic directed a nonprofit organization. Her primary fields of research are gendered violence and transformational leadership. She believes this course has encouraged students to purposefully explore their identities and to give unconditionally.

“Aligned roots and identities.”