The organization’s mission statement is the written declaration of the core purpose and focus that normally remains unchanged over time. The statement describes what is important, who is served and how, and the intended direction of the organization.

The Life Enrichment Center

Current Mission:
“Our mission is to support and maximize the quality of life for adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities through person-centered, community-based programs and services.”

Current Purpose:
“Our purpose is to provide adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities the opportunity to engage in meaningful life experiences within their community that embraces personal dreams and desires.”
Link to LEC WebPage: https://www.baldwinlec.org/

“We are more alike than different”

During the ‘60s society thought that individuals with developmental (DD) & intellectual disabilities (ID) should be institutionalized. Parents were often told that they were incapable of caring for a child with such disabilities and the parents ultimately gave up the child. In 1967 a group of parents decided they wanted to change society’s view, and the Life Enrichment Center was born. The Life Enrichment Center (LEC) was created to be safe place for members of the community with DD and ID.

The organization was originally located in the basement of a local church. Over the years the organization has become the “Life Enrichment Center.” The LEC has grown tremendously since its days in the tiny church basement and is now located in an old minimart.

The original mission and purpose of the LEC was to create a safe space for individuals with DD and ID but as the organization grew and society started changing, their mission changed too. The LEC is no longer just a safe space for individuals, it is a place where they are able to thrive and create meaningful life experiences within the Baldwin community.

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