Mary Donovan

I’m Mary Donovan, the girl with a thousand names one might say. I’ve always been a rather sociable person with the introduction of, “Hi! I’m Sister Mary Donovan [a name I received during freshman seminar], but that’s a little long, so feel free to come up with whatever name you like!” I’m a musician who is currently studying to be a composer, though I have also taken an interest in psychology which I studied for my first three years of college.

My French Horn, Saphira

Mary Price(2018). Saphira

From the day I was born, identity has always been an important concept in my life. I was born last of five children to the family doctor of a small town; everybody knew who I was and had 6 people to whom they could compare me. Being known as myself was very important to me. When I would play sports, I was compared to my brother; when I did 4-H, I was compared to my 3 sisters who were teen leaders. My main definer to my identity has always been music; I started with piano, then violin, French horn, guitar, ukulele, melophone and then trumpet. My identity had even saved my life, for I crashed into a bus when I was seventeen, and the muscles I developed from practicing horn for my college auditions protected my skull from damage further than the traumatic brain injury I had sustained. When I entered university, I came out as transgender. It was a piece of myself I always felt I had to keep hidden, but in this foreign environment, I felt comfortable being myself.

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Identity is important, as it is what defines us. Alongside my partner, Taylor, I will be researching the LEC in Milledgeville, GA. This center is for those with intellectual disabilities, using programs which encompass the arts, athletics, and horticulture. This program takes the identity established by the “disability,” and shifts it to focus on the activities in which the participants share.

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