Digital Timeline


The DIGITAL TIME CAPSULE establishes a historical relationship between the community partner and the local community. The time capsule includes a collection of memorabilia documenting a place, organization, events over time in the community. It is a multimedia scrapbook containing records and mementos, including born-digital and digitized versions of physical keepsakes. Time capsule images are pieces of art, photographs, political cartoons, propaganda posters, or original visual images. The goal is to develop awareness of historical transitions and to develop critical thinking skills. A musical genre(s) most closely related to the community is applied. The descriptive nature of lyrics will “sound like the community.” Musical selections are embedded into the digital time capsule using music links or video clips. Use the Timeline JS – Knight Lab Instructions to produce the link for your Digital Time Capsule.



The Life Enrichment Center opened its doors in 1967 and has been thriving ever since.

In 1989 Barbra Coleman took over as head director of the center. Her goal was to help not only the individuals but also the community see that disabilities do not mean you are incapable of great things.  She felt it was very important for the individuals who attended the Life Enrichment Center (LEC) to have opportunities out in the community. Over the years the LEC has partnered with Georgia College, creating the Best Buddies, Creative Expressions, and several other programs.

Creative Expressions was created in the fall of 2000, with the help of Georgia College’s music therapy program. It’s purpose is to give the opportunity for individuals to promote creativity and to express themselves through music and other art forms.

The Black & White Gallery was created in June 2005 with the help of Georgia College students. Its purpose was to allow individuals who expressed interest in photography an opportunity to learn and develop their skills with a camera.

In 2016 the LEC received a grant from the AWS Foundation that helped begin the Creative Enrichment Center Program. This is a program that works in collaboration with the Baldwin County community and Georgia College to provide services that allow individuals to spend regular leisure hours and weekends in a safe community environment.

Night to Shine is an event put on by the Tim Tebow Foundation. Churches all over the world host a prom night for individuals with disabilities who are 14 and older. In February 2017 North Ridge Christian Church, a local church, hosted the event for not only the individuals at the LEC but also the individuals in the local school systems. Night to Shine gives individuals with disabilities an opportunity to have fun and dress up in a safe and loving environment.

The impact that the Life Enrichment Center has had on the community since it’s doors opened has been a positive one. The vision that they’ve been working towards for so many years is becoming a reality and we are honored to have been part of it.

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