A young man drawing a tree and people on the Immanuel's House chalkboardMary Gunderson King and Doris Reimer standing at the entrance to Immanuel's HouseCliff Huie and an Immanuel's House community member hugging each other at Immanuel's House

We are happy to invite you to our Digital History and Community Engagement site in fellowship with COPLACDigital, Shepherd University, and Georgia College.  The community organization that we’ll be engaging and growing with is Immanuel’s House, located in Martinsburg, WV.  Our webpage is organically unfolding as we not only journey through our class, but as we engage with Immanuel’s House and its community.  Part of this course is using digital tools to capture the history of our community site through songs, music, sounds, and symbols.  We hope that you will check in every once in a while to see where we are at in our journey.


Nikki Lower and Mary Gunderson King

Students of Shepherd University

Social Chronicles Class

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