Digital Time Capsule

The DIGITAL TIME CAPSULE establishes a historical relationship between the community partner and the local community. The time capsule includes a collection of memorabilia documenting a place, organization, events over time in the community. It is a multimedia scrapbook containing records and mementos, including born-digital and digitized versions of physical keepsakes. Time capsule images are pieces of art, photographs, political cartoons, propaganda posters, or original visual images. The goal is to develop awareness of historical transitions and to develop critical thinking skills. A musical genre(s) most closely related to the community is applied. The descriptive nature of lyrics will “sound like the community.” Musical selections are embedded into the digital time capsule using music links or video clips. Use the Timeline JS – Knight Lab Instructions to produce the link for your Digital Time Capsule.

The first two ministries of Immanuel’s House were the Monday night worship service and community meal (Immanuel’s Table) and vital document/WV ID support.  The Monday night worship service and meal had originally been a ministry called Trinity 6:34 at Trinity United Methodist Church located in Martinsburg, WV, but Trinity’s calling had changed and they were planning to cease Trinity 6:34 on the last Monday of December 2010.  Without missing a beat, we, Immanuel’s House, had located a new building to host the much needed Monday night ministry on the first Monday of 2011.


Mary playing a guitar.

Guitar/Music: Soul and mental care. Worship, prayer, and connection. A guitar is a tool that allows one to share their gift and gather community through music.

For two years Immanuel’s House had its worship service and community meal at the Knights of Columbus hall.  Various churches stepped in to take on one Monday a month to prepare the meal.  On each given Monday 100 plus people would be fed.  Robin and Mike Schaeffer of the Be-Hive, led a children’s ministry during the meal, allowing kids to work on crafts.  Once a month nursing students from Shepherd University would provide medical care to those in need.  During our time at Knights of Columbus, we were vigorously at work trying to find a permanent home so as to better meet the needs in the community.

A bowl of soup

A Bowl of Soup: This symbolizes the food that Immanuel’s House provides. Food makes everyone more comfortable and it also provides a necessity to the community in need. It is nourishment for the body, mind, and spirit. (Photo by Mary Gunderson King, 2018)

After our two years at the Knights of Columbus, we had another temporary location for Immanuel’s Table at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church.  Due to the fact that Mt. Zion UMC had a smaller fellowship hall, we had to limit some of our ministries until we found a permanent home.  When we finally found and bought the building on Buxton Street, we were able to live out our mission more fully.  This included our Day Ministry, where folks could come in, get some refreshments, snacks, and a break from the chaos in their lives, as well as take part in the laundry ministry, God Talk (Bible Study), free haircuts, community garden, and Sewing Group.

A pink lotus flower.

The Lotus Flower: Because lotus flowers bloom in darkness. This is a symbol of both the organization and the individuals that it consists of. As the members in the community face hardships and come together at Immanuel’s House, they are constantly blooming in adversity and evolving. (Photo by Mary Gunderson King, 2018)


The mission of Immanuel’s House of serving those in need of community has not changed, but has become more aware of the various needs and challenges in the community through relationship building with folks who come to Immanuel’s House.  Though we are not able to meet all the needs, Immanuel’s House tries to be present when and where we can by not only stretching our own ministries, but also by reaching out to other churches and non-profit agencies.



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