Mary Gunderson King

Mary Gunderson King playing a guitar

Mary playing guitar. (Photo by Michael King, 2009)

Hi, I’m Mary Gunderson King.  I feel crazy blessed to be journeying on this earth, seizing any opportunity to live, laugh, and love with my family, friends and strangers.  I’m madly in love and married to my beautiful man, Michael King, and a lucky mother to two silly dogs and one chill cat.

It has been a joy to be a student at Shepherd University and a part of the Regents Bachelors of Arts program, a particular program which has allowed me to participate in classes that enhance my work at Immanuel’s House.  Immanuel’s House is a church that so much of my heart, time, and energy belong to and I have learned so much in the eight years that I have been part of that ministry.  I also have the honor of housecleaning for some dear friends and serving as guest preacher at three other churches in the community.

Outside of work, I take a lot of joy in singing and making music with my husband and friends.  This life is so precious and it matters greatly to me to be present in the here and now and to grab a hold of the joy, peace, and beauty in everything.


  • “Heart Attack”, an original piece, was created one sweet Sunday morning while my husband, Michael, and I were jammin’ together.  – Michael King lead/electric guitar & Mary Gunderson King on rhythm guitar.

Photo by Mary Gunderson King, 2016



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