Nikki Lower

To give a glimpse of what I do aside from my coplac course, I do graphic design/ communications for political candidates and I am a mentor to at risk youth in the Jefferson county school system with the Americorps program. This year I have been helping an awesome group of kiddos through Americorps to reach their full potential and giving them a person in their lives that they can turn to that cares- because they deserve it. This is my second year with Americorps- and I believe that my first year was what got me truly involved with “being involved”. I had spent a summer with a food program for children, being the one closest to the kids aside from their parents. Most of them lived in households with not a lot of food or love.

I saw my kids have really good and really bad days. I saw one of my girls give her food to one of the kids that she knew had none at home. That is when it truly sunk in- why should a kid have to give up their food to another child in need? Why do we live in such a food insecure society- yet we are rich in resources? There is plenty of food to feed every single person in the united states- so why do so many go hungry? That led to other questions- like why other people are able to succeed easier than others? Why proper healthcare seems to be a foreign concept? The idea of children getting an education quality based on their zipocode. This is how I ended up in the sociology program at my university, and later at Immanuel’s House doing community service during my COPLAC service experience.

I got involved with politics, because I knew it would be the best way for me to make direct change. I had started with small campaigns (board of education, house of delegates) and just recently got off of my most recent- a Senate campaign. I also did campaign consultation with a Federal Non Profit PAC- for candidates across the country that needed help training their volunteers and doing media work. I’m up until 2 and 3 AM most nights, working on different projects for myself or someone else- so I function off of sweet tea and the hope for a long nap later.

So many of my experiences relate to the mission of Immanuel’s House, because I have made it my own mission to help others reach their potential as well as making sure that everyone in society is having their needs met.                                                                                         

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